If we haven't met, I'm Amanda the teacher-designer behind Ms. Peach Plus Designs. I'm a kindergarten teacher with a passion for lettering and design. 


I created Ms. Peach Plus Designs late one night in 2013 after an epiphany about making greeting cards. The journey to this point has taken many unexpected turns that have led me to combining my love of creating art and lettering with my teaching career. Looking back to my days designing for homes and weddings, I know now there is no doubt about this direction, and I am so excited to share what I love with you!

Teachers are vital to the fabric of who we are, and celebrating them in different ways is so important to me. Think about a teacher that inspired you. How does that impact you now? If I have learned anything in my teaching career and my conversations with other adults, it's that the words and actions of our teachers have a lasting impact on who we are and how we think. How teachers pour into us is something that we can carry with us for years. 







I absolutely love having fun with my kids and hope those memories stick with them for years to come. In our classroom, we know that we are loved, and we're in charge of our learning. There's much more that goes into that, but these two ideas are vital in their growth. I know that I can provide the best environment for these beliefs, if I'm doing well personally and behind the scenes professionally. I truly believe that a well-loved child is one that will thrive academically and beyond. This fuels my desire to love on other teachers, so they have the tools they need to give their students their very best when they are in the classroom. 

Ms. Peach Plus Designs is for teachers and those who love them. It is my goal to empower teachers with and strategies to help them work from a place of peace rather than rushing through each day just trying to get things done. Teaching is about more than academics. It's about connection. It's my hope that teachers and those with teachers in their lives gain something positive that they can carry with them moving forward. Thanks so much for sharing your time with me!

Ms. Peach Plus Designs creates meaningful moments for teachers and those who love them through fresh, southern, fun designs.

Coming to you from Atlanta, Georgia.

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